Aroma Gems Frequently Asked Questions


AromaGEMS The Original Crystal Potpourri came from a revolutionary new process that infuses pure fragrance oils with large, chunky, pacific sea salt. The oils used are specifically formulated to last for months at a time. Use your crystals for many years, just keep them fresh with a splash of refresher oil about every 4 weeks.

Here is a list of the most asked questions about these mysterious new scented crystals.

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+ What are Aroma Gems made of?

+ How do you use Aroma Gems?

+ Are Aroma Gems safe around children and pets?

+ Can I use any dish to display the crystals in?

+ Do I have to Heat Aroma Gems?

+ How large of an area does one box of Aroma Gems cover?

+ How long do the Scented Crystals last?

+ What if they get dirty?

+ Can I use refresher oil that I bought somewhere else?

+ How do you use Aroma Gems on an oil burner?

+ Can I put Aroma Gems on my Scentsy burner?

+ Are you MADE IN THE USA?

+ How long has this product been around?

+ What does Ionic Crystals mean?