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new versatile and unique way to freshen your environment that not only cleans and deodorizes the air but also adds an exciting, elegant visual display. These scented crystals release wave after wave of intoxicating gentle fragrance with out the residual smoke and soot released by candles.



 What dish will you choose? 




When heated,Crystal Potpourri releases negative ions which can relax and energize the mind, as well as provide soft fragrance throughout a larger area of your home.


Which Fragrance Warmer matches YOUR style? Many styles in stock, Highest quality available.


 What customers say after they buy Aroma Gems from us! 

'Business has been slow this year for most of our products, but the Aroma Gems Scented rock sales have risen even in the heat of the summer'

South Padre Island, TX. Gift boutique

'We just had a small weekend show, there were only about 50 people that showed up. Everyone loved the Scented Salt Crystals and we were able to make several hundred dollars! thank you so much for your help'.

Tampa, FL. Independent Sales Rep.

'This Crystal Potpourri is such an awesome product, there is nothing else on the market like it. We love being able to offer products that you can't find in every other store!'

Camden, VA. Variety gift store

'People are not just looking for flowers when they come into our stores, they are looking for a memorable gift. Aroma Gems Scented Crystals are so unique and effective, we just love recommending them to our customers'.

Seattle, WA. Regional Florist stores.